Hello Data Science

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This is where I start my journey into the world of data.

Not true

I first became interested in data when I attended a talk - “Opportunities in Data Analytics & Data Science” - hosted by General Assembly Singapore in September 2016. I wanted to find out more about it after, but when you search for data science on Google, you’re immediately hit with a massive information overload - and they don’t always agree.

I found that General Assembly had a part-time Data Science course and I thought, “I should just jump in and find out for myself!” That was 6 months ago in March 2016, and I took the course in New York because Singapore didn’t have the course yet.

Fast forward 6 months

I got through the part-time course and I enjoyed it immensely. I learned a lot, but I wanted more. Since I was taking a break from work and had time on my hands, I figured I would take the Data Science Immersive to gain a more in-depth view and knowledge of the field (hopefully).

This blog was born out of the project requirements of the Immersive, but I hope to keep it running and I hope to post more than just my projects from the Immersive.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my posts!